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Modern technology in life is hard enough without having to factor. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ever to hit the consumer market are two of the most appreciated and intuitive smartphone. Phone with an impressive set of hardware withApple standing and strong ecosystem of apps are integrated.

However, the built-in iOS 9 aptly titled tips in Apple’s latest mobile app has all the bases can be cooked does not cover congenital features, especially considering just how vast and varied. Most of us, whether you simply extend the device beyond real estate or your dog’s drooling on the couch trying to capture slow motion video, the $ 750 megaphones to get out a little extra help needed. For the iPhone 6 are 25 of our favorite tips and tricks.



How to capture a series of photos.

Burst Pics.

You no longer need to order several times to take pictures in the camera application, press the shutter icon. Icon or by holding down one of the volume keys, you enable burst mode to iPhone and take a series of pictures. A picture is taken every half-second or so, and until the shutter is released, it will continue to mark the volume key.
How to copy images and videos.

Duplicate photos and video.

Before you decide to edit an image or video, you should save a copy of the original. Then head to the Photos app, and select the image or video you want to copy. Tap the Share icon in the bottom-left corner and select Duplicate from the resulting list of options.

How to add custom vibration.

Custom vibration.

Vibration options that come with your iPhone you can use to tell who is calling or texting you create your own personal vibration is far easier. Head to Settings, then find and select the ringtones, text tones, notifications or whatever you want to outfit with a custom vibration. Then, at the top of the screen, which you have to create a menu near the bottom that will take you into the New Vibration tap vibration. Tap that, and start tapping out your own vibration patterns.
How active and time for the night more at TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS

night shift.

First introduced with iOS 9.3, the night shift by changing its display color to help get a better night’s sleep. It is sunset in your area to determine when it uses your iPhone’s clock and geolocation, and the hot end of the spectrum to the sun will change color. To enable the feature, go to the settings and performance and brightness. Then, the night shift as well choose your desired color temperature and time schedule to facilitate activation. read more at TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS
How to add password protection for Notes.

Notes Password Protection.

IOS 9.3 with significant new feature is the ability to add a password or personal notes. Notes section are being kept under Settings, select the password, and then type in the password of your own choice you can make in a password. Keep in mind that you’ll need to enable the password lock to the application, keep notes, and it is only once stored on the iPhone 6. works with notes, select the note and note the lock in the upper right corner share icon press.
Using a hand to reach the top of the screen.

Using one hand to reach iPhone screen.

Therefore, iPhone 6’s new accessibility features – Apple is always a hand with hand wants consumers to use the iPhone. Just double-touch Home button below the screen to shift closer to your thumb, and once you make your selection, it’s easy to slide back to its natural position. No second hand required.
How to get out of the group iMessages.

Leaving a iMessage conversation thread. details only on TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS

Certainly a long-sought features, iPhone 6 iMessage users now can get out of yarn. If so, app launch message as you normally would, and the group to select the thread you want to get out of. Later, in the upper right corner tap Details, and select the menu option at the bottom of the conversation, leave. This is a very nice feature, but sadly, it’s only when you leave the conversation allows everyone involved to thread uses iMessage. You have a friend who got through SMS texts – ahem, Android users – the features that you will not do any good.

How to make a medical ID.

Medical ID iPhone.

When Apple released iOS 8, the company added to its arsenal is highly rumored health app. . ID that you have a medical emergency on the lock screen of your device is accessible via the function can make.
To create a medical ID, you normally start the application health, and medical ID tab in the lower right corner. Ie allergies, medications, blood type, emergency contact number – – then, any information accessible via the lock screen you want to enter the top of the application window before enabling the function in the upper right corner click Done.
How to capture smooth video.

Recording at 60 fps settings.

iPhone 6, especially when you have 60 fps video recording capabilities enable stellar. Facility Inevitably, when the recording of 60 frames per second 30 frames per second, double the amount of iPhone 6 is taking video. TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS is best to read tips and trick for TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS. To enable the feature photos and camera options within the settings, tap and record video at 60 fps to turn.
How to capture slow motion video.

Slo-mo recording on iPhone.

Unlike the previous iPhone model, iPhone 6 is slow motion video, which are great for capturing action video recording is enabled. To enable the feature, you normally would, and sliding down the screen as the camera application starts from the wheel selection slo- mo. Then, choose between frames 120 and 240 per second.
IPHONE 6 and 6 Plus 15 More Tips.

How to capture photos using the volume keys.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus review.

Use the volume buttons snapping photos as easy as it looks. Open the camera app, just with either the volume up or down button to keep the left hand side of the smartphone. When a pair of headphones feature an inline remote and use the volume key process works.TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS.
How to identify which applications are draining your battery.

Battery Usage.
iPhone 6 battery is definitely better than the previous model, but it does not mean that you have an eye on your battery applications are finished, which should not. The most intensive search, select General from within the settings panel. Later, the selective use of battery usage, followed by the page to see the list of offenders.
How to send voice messages instantly.

Exchange text messages.
Sending dense texts can be difficult, but fortunately, iOS allows you to easily send voice messages. Your message, tap the record and see a thread to the right of the text field, keep the microphone icon. Then, when finished recording, simply send your message or swipe to the right to cancel the slide.
You like to hear and respond to a phone call audio message.

Raise the phone to listen installation.
Love is to send the audio message, but with everyone in your vicinity hate hearing them? Raise the facility to be able to listen to audio recordings you can hear and respond to you like a normal phone allows you to call. Within the main Settings panel, select the message to do so, and to listen to Raise toggle on.
How to change the pronunciation of Siri.

Pronounce Siri.
Siri is not always the sharpest tool in the shed, at least when it comes to the more obscure names and pronunciation of words. That’s how Apple’s Siri is a way to change the conditions specified pronounces. To do this, just say “That’s why you do not pronounce the” Siri after mispronounces a name or word. Later, Siri will ask you for the correct pronunciation and pronunciation viable options to choose from you will be given a list of.
How and when composing an email message to see.

Reference Image.
Few people know that you can quickly refer another message when a reply or compose a completely new email. Just straight and send the Cancel option, swipe down on the title bar when you reply to your inbox or email use are composing your message. So, just at the bottom of the screen to return to your message, tap New Message.
How to define a word.

Define Photo.
Knowing the true definition of a word is important in many situations, after all, this is how we communicate with each other properly. Apps such as Safari and Mail use, you simply press and dictionary definition of the word you want to see the results before selecting from the options menu to define a word needs to hold.
How to undo your last action with gestures.

Shake to undo.
Some tips on first glance may seem a bit trivial, sure, but that does not mean that they are not comfortable. After you write an error in Safari or Mail to shake your iPhone, for example, you’ll get an option to undo the last action. When prompted, simply tap the Undo button, or just hit cancel the error is active.
How to select your browsing history.TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS.

Clear browsing on iPhone.
If you use Safari and iOS 8, without a trace, you can clear your browsing history from the selective items. To do this, you normally before choosing Safari app history book icon at the bottom of the window, launch and tap.
To ensure privacy when browsing How to enable DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo the default search engine.
Simply put, DuckDuckGo is a web browser designed for safe broswing. is. To use the feature, select Safari in the main Settings panel, tap on the top search engines, DuckDuckGo and choose from the list of available search engines.

TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS 10 Last IPHONE 6 and 6 Plus Tips.

How to use multitasking.

iPhone multitasking options.
And why would not it – one of the key features of the iPhone is multitasking? The function of the apps you’re using other apps or do not use your device while in the background, allowing you to perform certain tasks. To cycle between different background apps, home button and swipe left or right to your desired application before tapping, double-click. Doing so also will get a list of your most recent contacts with a list of those you’ve favorited. You can also close the apps.
How to identify a song. TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS

Shazam Siri.
Thanks to the recent integration of Siri with Shazam, the music that is playing around you a piece of name has become easier than ever to do. Especially the song playing in your vicinity to identify – whether on the radio or a TV commercial, for instance – or simply ask Siri “name that tune?” After listening to the song and artist name Siri “what song is playing?” For a brief moment.
How to turn on and off predictive text.

Writing potential.
Predictive text is either a help or a hindrance depending on how you like to respond may be. To turn the feature on or turning off, touch and hold the keyboard smiley face or view of the world from the start button. Later, the option to turn it on or off just above the predictive tap or swipe.
How to share your location.

Location sharing on iPhone. TOP 25 IPHONE 6 ESSENTIAL TRICKS.

Someone you are speaking by large pine trees adjacent to the park is just so far. With iOS 8 and iPhone 6, you can quickly share your exact location via iMessages. To do this, a message thread, tap to see details in the upper right corner and the resulting list of options, select the option to send your current location. Once done, your recipient with your GPS location easily concentrated on a map.
How to use Siri without pressing the Home button.

Hey Siri.
Siri hands-free iPhone users can not talk all of the time, the voice you charge your device without having to touch your phone when you can access commands. You enable the feature in the settings panel to select General, then tap Siri, and toggle “Hey Siri” on Allow. After that, just say, “Hey Siri,” When your device is always charged to use the facility.

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